The Philippino Cuisine Experience


Malinamnam could mean so many things, amongst these are – tasty, delicious, savory, sweet, spicy and dainty, which our restaurant is named. The idea of Malinamnam Restaurant came from the Philippine tradition way of eating called “Boodle Fight”. This Filipino tradition of eating originated from the military where a big pile of food is served in the middle of a long table where every hungry soldier eats with their hands symbolizing of brotherhood and equality in the military.

In our restaurant, food will be served fresh on top of a banana leaf making it one of a kind and unique experience of dining. As for the dishes there are no set rules in what to add – but the favorite ones are the charcoal grilled meats like fish, chicken and pork. With all these meats, fruits will be served to serve as a balancer to the salty and oily viands so it’s very usual to see pineapples and mangoes. Normally, you would use your hands to eat but, in our restaurant, there is of course a choice to use cutlery - but no plates! The point of this is to make eating more like a gathering and enjoying by sharing food.

  • It is often cooked during special occasions. Seasoned with lemon grass, spring onions, red onions, garlic, salt and pepper placed inside the pig’s belly to intensify the taste inside and out.

  • There are no utensils used when eating and you will use your bear hands to eat. This is not a fine dining experience but it’s much more exciting doing this rather than how everyone normally eats here in Denmark.

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    This NYC historical landmark in the heart of the Theatre District has been serving up suds and down home pub food since 1892, surviving prohibition by renting the front of its then Rockefeller Center façade to Greek florists, while the Hurley brothers ran a speak-easy in back.

    Zachary Burton, Sanfransisco

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    You might not find dragon meat on the menu, but you'll find pretty much anything else that walks, swims or flies, cooked up in more ways than there are people in the Guangdong province. This Midtown mainstay has a 20-year history of delivering mouth-watering and Cantonese style chow.

    Gemma Arterton, Bay Area

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    The world's a big, big stage for this notorious deli smack in the middle of the theatre district, infamously famous for its over-the-top corned beef and pastrami sandwiches, chopped liver, blintzes, celebrities, salami, smoked fish and New York's finest cheesecake.

    Anthony Reed, New York